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INJAZ Al-Arab in partnership with leading private sector organizations has launched phase II of Expand Your Horizon in their efforts to provide real-world opportunities for Arab youth.

Expand Your Horizon Phase 2.0


INJAZ Al-Arab, in partnership with private sector leaders, has launched phase II of Expand Your Horizon (EYH) in an effort to provide real-world opportunities for Arab youth.

Key partners in EYH II include Marriott International, who joined with the aim of boosting access to careers in the hospitality sector; MBC Group, in an effort to help youth better plan for their future career through on-the-job training opportunities; and General Electric, with aim of inspiring youth to pursue careers in the fields of technology and innovation. Deloitte in the Middle East has also joined the coalition of partners, undertaking a study titled “Opportunities for Arab Youth Employment in the MENA Region”, and has contributed as a “Career Partner”, providing an employability kit, as well as developing an accessible minimized job search portal for EYH website visitors.

The EYH pilot phase has witnessed remarkable results, gathering 50,000 visitors to the microsite in 3 months, nearly 250k interactions on social media, and more than 380 public service announcements across MBC channels.

INJAZ Al-Arab is committed to changing misconceptions about some of the fastest growing industries in MENA by offering youth a platform which will provide education about opportunities available in the private sector, as well as work readiness and employability skills that will prepare them to enter the labor market.