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In the 2016-2017 academic year, MBC Al-Amal sponsored two different programs throughout the region; Company Program and It’s My Business, and supported Adopt’A’School project.

MBC Al-Amal Grant

In the 2016-2017 academic year, MBC Al Amal sponsored two different programs throughout the region. In Saudi Arabia, MBC supported Company Program and It’s My Business through the Safeer Al-Amal initiative, serving over 1,000 Saudi youth. It's My Business emphasizes entrepreneurship while providing a strong focus on social studies, reading, and writing skills, while Company Program is delivered to students on the basis of the practical training methodology, through establishing and managing their own real company. In Lebanon and Egypt, MBC Al-Amal supported the Adopt-A-School project which facilitated modernization of public school facilities, and implemented INJAZ programs which aim at cultivating the students’ skills and empowering them to achieve their economic independence. In addition, to sponsoring Start-up program in Egypt, an incubation Program that aims at getting the startup ready for growth and further investment.

  • Saudi Arabia

Advance entrepreneurship education in Saudi by executing Safeer Al-Amal program which involves “Its My Business” and “Company Program”

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  • Lebanon

Adopt-A-School project focuses on enhancing and improving the education environment in Lebanon. The project has a 360 degree approach towards offering a better learning experience to underprivileged students by addressing both the school’s facilities and the curricula content.

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  • Egypt

Advance entrepreneurship education in Egypt by executing Adopt-a-School and Startup programs

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